Success Stories

Sophie Old – Primary 5-11 years – Cohort 2022-23

If I was to sum up my experience so far in teacher training with Ignite, I would say it has been spectacular. It’s truly been a remarkable experience in which I have been able to grow as a human being as well as a professional and I think one of the most important things I have learned is actually that it’s okay to be vulnerable with the kids. It’s okay to be human and since I’ve realised that, I feel I have made more of a positive impact because of it!

Amy Teanby – Secondary Social Sciences

The best thing about training to teach with SJP was the ability to get involved in a range of opportunities within the social sciences department and the support I received from my subject mentor.

I chose to train at SJP as I was able to be part of a supportive community of experienced teachers who could give me the best mentoring possible, also the wide range of opportunities to get involved in things beyond the classroom that enriched my experience and knowledge.

I enjoyed being part of a supportive department of teachers who shared their passion and knowledge with me in a supportive environment. I got to take part in training that allowed me to develop my understanding in the wider parts of being a teacher such as going on school trips and attending breakfast clubs where we learnt new techniques from experienced teachers.

A highlight of my time at SJP was working with a really supportive department and subject mentor who I am still lucky enough to work with today.

Daniel Gallagher – Year 6 Teacher

My time on the Ignite ITT programme was fantastic; it provided me with high quality training, fantastic placements in good and outstanding schools and an outstanding support network. The mixture of school-based placements and training days were challenging, but also rewarding, as they allowed me to learn and improve as a teacher from the onset.

Having passed the course and secured a permanent job at Meadow Primary School, I can definitely say that choosing the Ignite ITT programme was the best decision I have ever made; it prepared me for anything the NQT year has thrown at me so far. I am having an amazing time at Meadow Primary School and the support from Ignite has continued into this year – running NQT courses and support networks each term.

I love my job. Although it can be tough at times, the rewards are fantastic and building a relationship with your own class and seeing them grow, definitely makes everyday worthwhile.

Lisa Carey – Year 6 Teacher

Two years ago, I embarked upon the most wonderful journey of my working life. I had decided to enter into the teaching profession and applied to the Ignite Teacher Training course. From the moment I was accepted, I knew I was in great company: the leaders, the trainers and the students (who quickly became like family) were very welcoming and the high level of training which we were exposed to was outstanding, bar none.

The year went by in a flash and although I was well equipped to begin working as an NQT, having gained “outstanding” by the end of the year, I must admit the idea of teaching my own class was daunting. This was all made easier however by the constant contact with the lead school throughout the year and the continuous assistance of the staff at my own school (which I procured placement with based on the high standards of training I received during my year with Ignite).

I am now a Year 6 teacher, music lead, SMSC Key Stage 2 lead and have had the privilege this year of being a mentor to a student beginning her own personal journey with Ignite, just as I did two years ago. I am extremely  positive about the future and would highly recommend the  Ignite Teacher Training Course to anyone who wishes to work hard and join the most rewarding profession there is.

Joe Brassington – Year 2 Teacher

Before applying for my Schools Direct course a lot of people said it would be the hardest year of my life. However having now completed the Ignite ITT programme it was certainly the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my working life.

Although it was hard work, Ignite provided me with an excellent support system both in my school placements and with other ATs who I worked closely with throughout the year. Training with Ignite meant working with outstanding schools and observing outstanding practice daily. The support system, school based placements and fantastic training days in core subjects, foundation subjects and more prepared me well for my NQT year.

Having completed the course I am now the Year 6 class teacher at St. Bernard’s RC Primary School where I still benefiting from the support and additional training offered by Ignite. A career in teaching is incredibly rewarding and for me the Ignite ITT programme was a fantastic route into it.