Apply for School Experience

Ignite Institute offers both Primary and Secondary routes into teaching through our PGCE with QTS programmes in partnership with the University of Chester (Primary) and Liverpool Hope University (Secondary), the course is for one academic year and based in School from day 1.

To help you decide if teaching is a Career you would like to take we fully recommend gaining as much experience as possible, this will help support you as an individiual and your decision to become a teacher.

You will gain valuable skills which will support you, prepare you and help build your confidence in advance of the course starting. Your full commitment will be required to enable you to become a role model and maximise your potential in such a pivotal role of shaping the next generation.

We offer School Experience starting with one day at our following Schools:

  • St Bernard’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Ellesmere Port (ages 5-11 years)
  • St John Plessington Catholic College, Bebington (ages 11 years to 18)
  • St Mary’s Catholic College, Wallasey (ages 11 year to 18)

If you would like to apply for Primary or Secondary School Experience please use the link above to apply directly through the Department of Education website.

There are no fees involved for this non committal opportunity.

Any questions please contact Angela Potts