29/06/15. Posted under News

Ellesmere Port Schools Festival

‘It’s a Great Big World’ is the theme of Ellesmere Port Schools Festival 22-25 June 2015 at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall.

This has to be a MUST DO VISIT as the Civic Hall will be brought alive with a range of art work from Ellesmere Port primary schools as well as a full programme of performing arts. So do come along and browse, have some tea and marvel at the young talent in our schools. Pupils have been working hard on their individual arts projects since September last year and will be proudly showing their work to family, friends and the whole community. Please come along and support this event, there is no charge for entry.

‘My Place’ has been the inspired theme for the EARLY YEARS TEAMS and PUPILS in Ellesmere Port Ignite schools this year, as they have explored their own schools using digital technology to record and present a picture, film or digital book of their school to the community. You can see their creative and inspiring work at the Ellesmere Port Schools Arts festival at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall from 22-25 June. Entrance is free.

This project has been partly funded by Curious Minds (The Arts Council) and Ellesmere Port schools. This initial project has involved 18 primary schools.

Early Years teaching teams will go on to present the results of this project work at the launch of a new arts professional development network for teachers in September, which aims to develop arts and culture in primary schools in Ellesmere Port.

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