System Leader Profiles

Andy Moor

Andy Moor is Principal at St Bernard’s Primary School Academy. As co-director of the Teaching School he is also a National Leader of Education and Pupil Premium Reviewer.

He started his career in Liverpool in 1998 where he worked as an AST developing practice in schools across the authority, with a particular focus around creative learning and music. He went on to work in Wirral LA working closely with the assessment team before becoming a HT in Cheshire. Since joining St Bernard’s and leading it to an outstanding judgement, Andy has had experience of executive headship whilst supporting schools across a range of areas. He is passionate about working with vulnerable families and communities and ensures children are inspired, giving them opportunity to achieve whatever their background.

Andy is extremely passionate about creative roads to learning and leadership and has developed an innovative curriculum in the schools he has worked in.

Areas of specialism include:

  • Developing skills based curriculum and approaches to learning for the 21st century
  • Use of data and systems to secure improvement across the school
  • Use of technology for learning and leadership
  • Assessment approaches
  • Securing a clear vision for improvement & mission
  • Self evaluation procedures

Moira Atkins

Moira has extensive experience of classroom teaching and senior leadership roles in five schools of contrasting catchments and size across Cheshire; including two successful primary Headships in schools in challenging areas, over the past 15 years. As Head teacher she effectively transformed the reputation and category of each, with a focus on raising standards and school improvement. Moira has worked with schools across Cheshire and in other authorities as a Professional Partner for New Head teachers and as a Local Leader in Education. She is currently an Executive Head of a Federation of Schools which consists of a large, town school with over 50% Free School Meals, 20% English as Additional Language and over 340 children and a small, rural Primary school with below National Average number of FSM, EAL and SEN with 100 pupils.

Moira is passionate about collaborative working and creating teams that work efficiently and effectively. Her first headship led the school to become the ‘most improved school in Cheshire’ when she worked there. Her present school’s Ofsted said she

‘has engendered a strong sense of common purpose throughout the school. High expectations and clear plans for improvement have resulted in high-quality care for the individual and a high level of inclusion for all pupils.’

She has worked in schools in Australia, France, Ghana, Jersey and London on Literacy Teacher Training, the Curriculum, Action Research Projects and ‘Solutions Oriented School’ business.

Moira has professional qualifications in ‘Leading Educational Change’ (Masters level), Postgraduate Advanced Diploma and Certificate in Primary School Management, The Primary Executive Headship Qualification and the National Professional Qualification for Headship.

Kate Docherty

Kate Docherty has been the Headteacher at Rivacre Valley Primary School for 9 years. Rivacre Valley is a 1 form entry primary school serving an area of high deprivation. FSM entitlement is 46%.

Kate has been deployed by the LA as a Local Leader of Education for the last 5 years working with 5 different schools on their journey towards good / outstanding.

The key areas of support provided include:

  • Working with the GB
  • Opportunities for staff to observe good practice
  • Supporting the creation and implementation of a successful action plan
  • Restructuring the leadership team
  • Lesson observations – EYFS, KS1 and KS2 validating HT judgements
  • To define roles and responsibilities for staff ensuring clarity
  • To refine / enhance the systems for Appraisal

Sarah Curtis

Sarah Curtis has been the Headteacher of  Meadow Primary School since 2010.  It is a large two form entry school in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. When she arrived Ofsted had judged the school to be ‘inadequate, and were given a formal directive of ‘Notice to Improve’. In May 2015, less than five years after her arrival, Meadow was recognised as ‘Outstanding’.  Sarah had developed a culture of success within the school, resulting in outstanding teaching and exemplary behaviour. This was a result of rigorous evaluation, setting challenging targets and ensuring the expectations of all stakeholder is high.

Prior to Meadow, she worked in schools in West Sussex and Cheshire.  She was a SENCo for most of her career and also led an MLD unit provision before coming a deputy head. She currently uses her SEN experience to transform SEN practice in vulnerable schools, is the headteacher SEN lead for the Ignite teaching school alliance and sits on the EHC assessment panel for the local authority.

She has an in depth knowledge of governance as a governor not only at her own school but at an ASD specialist primary school and a local high school.

Sarah is passionate about supporting schools, having experienced leading a school out of an inadequate category, she recognises the value of quality support and mentorship.

Areas of specialism include:

  • Securing a clear vision for improvement
  • Self-evaluation procedures
  • Developing effective and inclusive SEN practice
  • Collaborative working to secure improvements

Sue Davis-McCoy

Sue Davis-McCoy has been the Head Teacher at Rossmore School in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire since September 2003 after doing a short secondment as Head Teacher at Delamere C of E Primary, also in Cheshire.

She has held various teaching and leadership positions having 25 years’ experience working with children age 4 – 11 years within 3 very different socio economic settings.

She works with a dedicated team of people who all strive to provide the best possible outcomes for all children. Sue is passionate about providing children with as many exciting experiences as possible and in maintaining a positive, caring and stimulating environment for staff and children where ideas and creativity are valued.

Sue became an LLE in 2015 after spending time supporting colleagues new to Headship within the local area.

Areas of specialism include:

  • Strategic school improvement and raising standards
  • Managing change
  • Mathematics, Literacy, Assessment for Learning and Science expertise
  • SEND and early intervention
  • Interrogating and using data
  • Changing roles of Teaching Assistants

Tracy Webb

Gill Morris

Steph Cade