Ignite Teacher Development Trust (TDT) project 2019-20

Over the past two years Ignite TSA has led curriculum development projects in line with the new expectations from Ofsted. These have been a huge success and we will continue to support colleagues around the next stage of curriculum development in their schools over the coming year. We felt however, it was important to come back to the underlying pedagogy that will make our teachers most effective.

With changes to the inspection schedule, it is important that teachers are able to reflect on their practice and identify the most effective ways to help children learn. Working with the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), we are therefore proposing a project over the next academic year where lead staff from schools are able to come together and explore what constitutes best practice in their schools.

Please click on the link below for further information and if you would like to get involved, please contact Steve Jevons (sjevons@stbernards.cheshire.sch.uk)

Teacher Development Trust – Enquiry Project 19-20