18/11/18. Posted under News

Pupil Premium Network

Last week colleagues with a wide range of experience in pupil premium attend the networking cluster.

There was positive, open dialogue between colleagues, where we shared how pupil premium is spent in our schools and the challenges schools faced. There were many common themes and it was reassuring to know we were not on our own!

We discussed ways to increase parental engagement as numbers of families claiming FSM is dropping across our schools. This is significant as it will hugely impact on school budgets.

Through sharing the statutory requirements there was greater clarity on our roles and responsibilities.

Attendees shared up-and-coming training relevant to using and supporting pupils with pupil premium.

At our next meeting we are going to look at how to record how pupil premium is spent and ways to present this information to governors and on our website. We will also be discussing what the pupil premium governor can bring to the role.

The next meeting is Monday 11th March 2019.

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