Apply for Secondary School Direct

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Course codes for Secondary subjects: 

Art and design (W604)

Biology (W625)

Business studies (D068)

Chemistry (H733)

Computing (F897)

Design and technology (B303)

Drama (H919)

English (E060)

Geography (L016)

Health and social care (L778)

History (J675)

Mathematics (Q413)

Media studies (Z583)

Modern Languages (Mandarin and Spanish) (C037)

Music (Z766)

Physics (W677)

Religious education (D958)

Social sciences (H078)

Course overview

Each course starts in September with your first placement starting immediately.

  • You will spend most of your time in school with a dedicated subject mentor and a professional mentor who will oversee your training.
  • You will be part of the school community from day one.
  • You will start observing lessons from a wide range of teachers and subjects and you will gradually start teaching at a pace that suits you.
  • You will be guided every step of the way by our experienced mentors and teachers. Approximately 80% of your time will be spend in school with the remaining 20% spent attending University based lectures, subject support sessions and enrichment activities as well as spending a week studying the transition from Primary to Secondary school.
  • You will also observe practice in a Special Education setting.
  • We will provide you with a rich range of experiences, carefully planned out to guide you as you work towards QTS.

Interview process for secondary

If your application is successful you will be invited for an interview at one of our placement schools this will consist of the following:

  • Observe teaching, meet current Associate Teachers and tour the school.
  • Take part in a short teaching episode to enable to you to interact with students (information to be provided beforehand to allow for your preparation).
  • Formal interview with the Head of Department and the School Direct ITT Lead allowing you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Placement information for secondary

You will have three placements in an ABA model, with two of them being in the same school setting. You will be teaching students aged 11 to 18 over the course of your three placements. Your placements will usually be in St John Plessington Catholic College and in St Mary’s Catholic College. We will not be able to confirm until all places have been allocated which school you will start in so please be prepared to travel to either school.