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Ignite Teacher Enquiry Project 2019-20

Over the past two years Ignite TSA has led curriculum development projects in line with the new expectations from Ofsted. These have been a huge success and we will continue to support colleagues around the next stage of curriculum development in their schools over the coming year. 

We felt however, it was important to come back to the underlying pedagogy that will make our teachers most effective. With changes to the inspection schedule, it is important that teachers are able to reflect on their practice and identify the most effective ways to help children learn. 

Working with the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), we are therefore proposing a project over the next academic year where lead staff from schools are able to come together and explore what constitutes best practice in their schools.

Who we are 

Founded in 2012 by teachers, the Teacher Development Trust (TDT) is the national charity for effective development of teachers in schools and colleges. The organisation works across England and Wales to support school leaders to unlock the potential of their staff so that all children – and especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – can reap the greatest rewards from their time in school. 

What we do  

Using a strong international evidence base of what constitutes successful teacher professional development, at the Teacher Development Trust we are working with the entire education sector to promote the principles of good CPD by: 

  • Commissioning, publicising and disseminating research into the most effective CPD leadership and processes.
  • Working with over 200 schools to identify and develop high-impact school practices.
  • Providing training (including professional accreditation) and bespoke support to schools and school leaders to improve the quality of teaching and teacher development.
  • Influencing and advising government and national bodies to improve policy around CPD process and leadership.

Ignite enquiry project – Support from the TDT:

TDT will provide high-quality training to Ignite schools on the principles of professional collaborative enquiry, as an effective model for professional learning. TDT will provide training that focuses on implementing a collaborative enquiry project. Delegates will be supported in understanding the principles of effective models of collaborative enquiry and current international best-practice as to how this is implemented. 

  • Resources and support will be based on the ​Developing Great Teaching Report​, an international review of best practice around professional learning, commissioned by TDT in 2015, as well as the​ ​DfE Standards for Professional Learning​. These were developed by an expert group, chaired by David Weston, CEO of TDT.
  • Resources and support will be based upon Teacher Development Trust’s work with schools in this area, as well as TDT’s​ ​ongoing research​ undertaken in this area with Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Support will be based on the work TDT have done with a range of organisations in the UK through our TDT Network, a family of schools working together to develop effective PD.
  • Tailored email and telephone coaching support will be available for individual participants in order to embed work into school.
  • Support will also be provided in writing up the project as a high impact resource ready to be shared with all schools across the alliance.

Project Overview:

The project will take place over 6 sessions across the year to include:

Autumn 1 – Keynote for HTs / SLT / leads from each school (Full day 4.10.19)

David Weston, CEO of the TDT and author of ‘Unleashing Great Teaching’ will lead the day and explore best practice around evidence based CPD and teacher enquiry groups. This will be open to HTs, senior staff and lead practitioners from schools. 

Autumn 1 – Content to include: how to set up research groups, designing an in-school enquiry project, using research to plan interventions, impact measures, collecting and sharing findings. (Full day 11.10.19)

Autumn 2 – Lead practitioners bring learning to focus areas of pedagogy. (Full day 27.11.19)

Spring 1 –  Building on sessions from autumn term (half day) – date to be confirmed

Spring 2  – Bringing research together (half day) date to be confirmed

Summer 1 – Looking at findings / preparing for T&L showcase (half day) date to be confirmed

Summer 2 – Teaching and learning festival showcasing work from across the alliance. (Full day)

Evidencing Impact:

Ignite Evidence Based Pedagogy report:

‘Teachers across Ignite Alliance will co-create a report – “Ignite Evidence-Based Pedagogy” – celebrating TDT-supported work to embed enquiry and research across all schools.’

This can be shared with staff, governors and the wider community to help us develop evidence based practice that will make a real difference in all our schools.

This will of course be useful for PP strategy and your wider school evaluation. 

Teaching & Learning Showcase: 

We aim to showcase the learning from the project through a Teaching and Learning festival in the summer term of 2020. This will involve colleagues sharing their work for all stakeholders in a carousel of short presentations. The published report of work completed will follow this event. 

Some areas colleagues have already suggested they would like to explore are:

– Dilemma based learning approaches

– Retrieval strategies 

– Feedback approaches

– Assessment approaches in the classroom

The focus of enquiry will be open for you to decide upon based on your school, context and stage of staff development. 

We hope that we can have a fantastic resource at the end of the project to make our schools great and indeed ‘unleash great teaching!’

Project costs:

£550 for Ignite members (Part funded by membership) 

£950 for non Ignite members

Please contact head@stbernards.cheshire.sch.uk for further information

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