9:00 am - 3:30 pm


Milton Road

Ellesmere Port

CH65 5AT

Alliance Member Price

£185+VAT (This covers both sessions)


Year 2 teachers – English moderation & cross curricular text mastery (1.5 days)

Please note that this course is a full day followed up by a half day session later in the academic year. The fee paid covers both sessions. Please add the follow up session date to diaries / calendars.

Please also note that when you book your tickets, you will be asked to provide the direct name and email address of the delegate attending. Please ensure that this information is accurate as training information may be sent to them prior to the session taking place.

All sessions will take place at Wolverham Primary School, Ellesmere Port

Day 1: Wednesday 14th November 9:00 – 3:30pm

The morning will guide Y2 teachers through the effective moderation of writing and create clear next steps for children within their class. The afternoon session is deigned to continue the focus on mastery and provide opportunities for greater depth pupils. An exciting 4 week unit of work will be provided which includes a wealth of ideas for teaching the requirements of the year 2 curriculum. The text will link with the science theme of the animals: Bog Baby (tbc)

Day 2: Wednesday 6th March 1:00 – 4:00pm

Teachers will moderate children’s writing across each standard and generate next steps. They will reflect on the mastery approach to writing and the progression of skills being taught.

Lunch isn’t provided for this course so we would kindly request that delegates come prepared.