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No More Science Levels! What next for Primary Science Assessment?

Come along meet, greet and take away “TAMMY” the primary science Tracking, Assessment, Moderation, Monitoring tool designed for You by the team at primarily science. Aiming to save you time, increase confidence and alleviate assessment headaches.

The tool provides:

  • A tracking system that is easily adapted to work with any primary schools science curriculum map including those with mixed ages and cross-curricular approaches. Supported by progression grids for each area of science shown in curriculum 2014 at each key stage
  • An example of a simple assessment activity to help teachers assess every knowledge statement of The Primary Science curriculum 2014
  • An activity that can be used to assess children’s ability to plan and carry out, record and evaluate each of the different types of enquiry in each year group
  • Guidance materials to help with moderation and ways to monitor children’s progress in science

Participants will be able to:

  • Adapt and use TAMMY in their own schools
  • Use TAMMY in school to help other staff members with assessing, tracking and moderating science