1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Milton Road

Ellesmere Port

CH65 5AT

Alliance Member Price

£240+VAT (this price covers all 4 sessions)


Maths Subject Leader Sessions (4 in total)

These are half day (1pm-5pm) sessions with no lunch provided. They will all be held at Wolverham Primary School

The dates of sessions are:

Session 1 –  Wednesday 11th October

Session 2  – Wednesday 31st January

Session 3  – Wednesday 25th April

Session 4 – Wednesday 20th June

Audience: Maths Subject Leaders

Course Outline

Session 1

Delegates will have the opportunity to look at books from their school and consider the effectiveness of planning.  Subject Leaders will consider the progress evident within the children’s books and decide if any further support is needed for staff back in school.  The structure of the moderation sessions will be shared to enable Subject Leaders to consider running in school moderation prior to the cluster moderation. 

Course Outcomes

Subject Leaders provided with the opportunity to complete a book scrutiny and consider next steps for plannng.  Subject Leaders aware of the structure and key messages for the moderation sessions.  Subject Leaders provided with support to lead in school moderation prior to the cluster moderation sessions to enable teachers to fully benefit from the opportunity to moderate with other schools. 

Sessions 2 & 3

First4Maths will share feedback from the moderation sessions with Subject Leaders and ask them to consider their next steps as a school.  Subject Leaders will be provided with the support to lead a staff meeting back at school to address the key areas from the moderation and time will be given to adapt the content to meet the needs of the school.

Session 4

Subject Leaders will review their action plan from 2017 – 2018 and consider successes from the year. Subject Leaders will receive information about the programme of training for 2018 – 2019. They will be provided with an action plan populated with the content and impact of training for the academic year. Subject Leaders will be encouraged to consider how they will lead the development of mathematics alongside the training to ensure that it has maximum impact back in school.