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Ignite conference 2019 with Valarie Hannon, Mick Waters & Jazz Ampaw-Farr

Join us for an inspirational day with internationally renowned speakers:

Valerie Hannon – Educating for the Future? What are the Implications for curriculum?

In her latest book, THRIVE: schools reinvented for the real challenges we face Valerie looks at key known trajectories for our future in the next 30 years. She argues that this gives us a clear, urgent and inspiring agenda for reconsidering our schools’ curricula. This is practical, do-able, but also profoundly engaging for the real lives of all our young people.

Mick Waters – The professional imperative: from big picture to detail

Being caught up in the complex world of the day to day and the endless change of national policy can leave people wondering which way they should be facing and how they keep so many ‘stakeholders’ satisfied.

The ‘stakeholders’ that matter most are the children and young people in our schools.

This session will explore briefly the complex world of schooling from policy to practice. There will be an insight into latest policy changes and the challenge of preparing for inspection. Couple this with the changing society and the complexity of the children’s lives and we find a recognition of the current imperatives with which school leadership lives.

This will be balanced with a consideration of how we make learning that is irresistible? What can we do to ensure that children make progress through worthwhile and engaging activity? How can children be taught to be proficient, to master concepts, ideas and skills?

These are the sorts of questions we will address in this session as we go from big picture to detail in considering leadership approaches that will focus upon learning and how we can help teachers to get the best of it.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr – Everyday Heroes in our schools

Born into poverty, sexual abuse and neglect, Jaz Ampaw-Farr believed that she was worthless. But five teachers disagreed, and together embedded an ambitious resilience that saved her from a life of prostitution, crime and drugs. Jaz has spent the rest of her life paying them back. Qualifying as a teacher in 1994, she is a respected literacy expert, consulted by governments worldwide. Jaz is also a TV presenter, media expert, speaker, coach, trainer and author of Because of You, This is Me.

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