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How to Write Your NEW Succinct Evaluative SEF

At least 1 section written in the day – Using the NEW OFSTED Inspection Evaluation Schedule

Using the NEW OFSTED Inspection Evaluation Schedule – delivered by ECM educational consultants.

Target Audience: Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Governers

School impact:

• A streamlined approach to writing evaluative SEF statements, using a unique ECM formula and format for SEF writing

• A robust and succinct summary of the school’s key strengths and areas for development

• A blueprint for strategic development planning over 3 years

• A clear understanding of the ‘New Grade Descriptors’ and ‘Guidance for Inspectors’ in the new OFSTED Framework 2015

• Better prepared for what inspectors will expect of schools and how to present self-evaluation evidence most effectively

• High quality, manageable systems for self-evaluation

• Access to exemplar material to support leaders to write their SEF beyond the training day

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