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English workshops to support NQTs, RQTs & teachers new to schools (6 sessions)

Please note that this booking is for all 6 sessions across the academic year. When the booking is made you will be required to provide the name of the delegate(s) attending and their direct email address. This is so that any important information or reminders can be communicated before the sessions take place.

As you are making a block booking, please ensure that you add all dates below to your diaries and calendars. Please note that for session 2, delegates need to choose either the KS1 session or KS2 session which are on different dates

If you would like to book individual sessions only rather than all 6, please select these courses on Eventbrite on the dates below.

All English workshop sessions will be held at Wolverham Primary School, Ellesmere Port.

Session 1 – Grammar and poetry Y1-Y6 (Wednesday 2nd October 1:15-4:15pm) 

The session will consider the grammar curriculum for each of the year groups in turn. Grammar subject knowledge will be consolidated and delegates will engage in poetry activities which support the teaching of grammar.

A deeper understanding of the grammar content in the curriculum

An understanding of the progression in grammar knowledge and terminology Y1-6

An understanding of how poetry activities can support the teaching of grammar

Session 2 – Please choose between:

KS1 reading and phonics (Wednesday 23rd October 1:15-4:15pm) or

KS2 reading (Wednesday 6th November 1:15 – 4:15pm)

Outcomes include:

A clear understanding of teaching strategies

An understanding of effective provision for reading

Session 3 – Writing (Wednesday 22nd January 1:15-4:15pm)

The NQTs will consider strategies for the effective teaching of writing. NQTs will be guided through the planning of an effective sequence of lessons which focus on the mastery of specific objectives.

Outcomes include:

A deeper understanding of effective shared and modelled writing and clarity about when to use each

A better understanding of the process of planning a sequence of lessons towards mastery.

Session 4 – Spelling (Wednesday 4th March 1:15-4:15pm)

Progression in spelling will be outlined, together with an exploration of a variety of spelling games and activities to support the teaching of spelling.

Intended outcomes:

An understanding of progression in spelling

An understanding of effective teaching and pupil activities to support spelling

Session 5 – Non-fiction writing (Wednesday 29th April 1:15-4:15pm)

The session will consider the range of non-fiction genres. The purpose, structure and features of each genre will be clearly identified. Progression within a genre will be considered. Following this, opportunities for writing in each of the genres will be considered- both within literacy and across the wider curriculum.

Intended outcomes:

Clarity about the purpose, structure and features of non-fiction genres

Session 6 – Reading Assessment (Wednesday 20th May 1:15-4:15pm)

The principles and practice of writing assessment will be explored. The NQTs will be guided through the assessment of samples of writing, identifying next steps for the pupils. Assessment will include a focus on handwriting and spelling error analysis. The session will include a consideration of provision for pupils below and exceeding the expected standard.

Intended outcomes:

A clear understanding of writing assessment

An understanding of the moderation process

An awareness of some intervention strategies for pupils working below expected standard

An understanding of how to provide challenge for those children working at greater depth