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TEN Ignite Prurenco-logoimary schools will be working with   URENCO this year on a fantastic ENERGY programme of workshops exploring what we need energy for, different types of energy and ways it can be generated.

Energy Generation Challenge

The activities will include pupils in Years 5 or 6 working in teams to design and locate an energy generating system with pupils having specific roles within the team, e.g. engineer, environmental scientist, health and safety analyst, business finance manager.

The day is very interactive with teams being provided with a range of resources to construct their generator.  Pupils will be judging how well their system works as well as producing an estimate of the cost of building their generator. They will make a short presentation and will be awarded quality marks for low environmental impact, maximising power generation and costings.

Schools are currently booking into the programme which will run in the September and January terms.

Ignite TSA would like to thank URENCO for their support and sponsorship of these workshops which add so much value to STEM learning and link pupils and teachers with range of skills/jobs/careers information as well as exploring how the energy sector works.


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