R&D Strategic Leads

Victoria Carr

Victoria is Headteacher of Elton Primary school, a job that she is proud and honoured to do. She believes in life-long learning and has numerous professional qualifications including a Post Graduate Certificate in Special Needs Coordination, 2 Masters Degrees and a year of a Doctorate completed to date. She has presented an academic paper about challenging stereotype and lectured at Chester University as a guest on the subject of Special Needs on two occasions.

Victoria is a very keen advocate of CPD and sees research underpinning the decisions we make within school. She actively encourages her staff to be proactive and at the forefront of all initiatives to gather information so that we can best move our schools on, not just for children but adults we work with also.

In the next 6 months she will be working on a paper focussed on creativity in education as well as funded research projects with the TSA and Chester University. She would be delighted for people interested in research, supporting her ideas with their own, to contact her directly at head@elton.cheshire.sch.uk